Following are articles/papers that I've written over the years. They will cover a schmorgasboard of topics as the collection grows.

In Whom can we Trust?
A look at the challenge of evil to the Christian faith. Examines why we can believe in and trust God in the face of the tremendous evil present in the world. Read it here.
Song of the Sea
An exegesis of Exodus 15, sometimes dubbed the Song of the Sea. It then turns to look at the implications of the song for the church today in worship and the Divine Warrior theme. Read it here.
Body, Soul, and Spirit: What Does it Mean to be Human?
Trichotism, dichotism, dual-aspect monism. Big terms; can we make anything of the debate?
The Sovereignty of God: Novelist or Governor?
Again I return to the topic of God's sovereignty, and look at how a narrative approach that focuses on Jesus might shed light on the topic.
What is It You Study Anyway?
I get asked this frequently, so I finally decided to write something about what theology is, and what is it's purpose. You can read it here.
Augustine and Predestination
A look at how Augustine's views of predestination have affected the church through the present. Read it here
The Apostle Peter
A short and informative article on the Apostle Peter
Jesus' Crucifixion
A look at the crucifixion accounts in the gospels and their historicity.
Peace & Reconciliation
A series of papers on creative ideas regarding peace and reconciliation between the Muslim and western worlds. Check it out here