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What’s up with this category anyway?

July 30th, 2003 by Jason · 1 Comment

This category, “kingdom naturalists,” needs a bit of explanation.

It arises out of Jonathan Wilson’s book God so Loved the World: A Christology for Disciples. In it he has the following illustration:

bq. Have you ever been for a walk with a naturalists—someone who knows the plants and animals of a particular area? I well remember my first summer at Boy Scout camp. Six times in the first two days I walked through a field on my way to the dining room. The third day I walked with my scoutmaster, and as we walked he pointed out to me the plants that I had not seen before. Oh, I had seen them, but I had not known what I was looking at…. It takes someone with eyes to see and ears to hear what is around us all the time.

The kingdom of God is present today in the power of the risen Lord through the Holy Spirit. ...the Holy Spirit invites us to develop eyes that see and ears that hear so that we may become naturalists of the kingdom (143).

The church, and especially the evangelical church of which I am a part, is very good at pointing out what has not yet been made fit for the Kingdom, be it abortion, corrupt politics, or any number of problems that plague our world. But we are not very adept at seeing and describing where God is at work bringing the Kingdom (God’s perfect rule and reign) into reality here and now.

This hinders the church as it proclaims the Gospel for it cuts out much of the common ground that exists between those in the church and those outside of it. God is at work bringing the Kingdom of God into the earth wherever there is goodness, peace, joy, kindness, and a host of other virtues (Galatians 5:22). If we cannot see where this is happening then we lose the opportunity to tell our neighbors of the God who is doing such great works and we risk forgetting why the Gospel is such good news.

Hence, this category is devoted to sightings of the Kingdom in hopes that we will come to better know the character of the God who is ushering in this Kingdom.

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  • 1 Sam Adams // Aug 24, 2003 at 10:19 pm

    Thank you Jason and Isaac. Perhaps were catching a glimpse of the Kingdom in this Blip . . . .