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common grace in Durango

August 14th, 2003 by Jason · No Comments

Time for vacation! We’re off to Durango (actually we’re already in Durango, which makes you wonder why I’m blogging on my “vacation.” What can I say, it’s hard to resist wireless internet 😉

As well as the beauty of this place I’ve also seen God’s Kingdom at work here at the house where we are staying. The husband of the family had a bad stroke about a year ago, and has since been trying to recover the basics of life: walking, speech (connecting thoughts to words is very difficult for him), eating, etc. Today I got to see him walk without his cane for only the second time since the stroke. It’s a reminder of our frailty and God’s grace to see a grown man learning to walk again.

He’s not a Christian, but I’m convinced it is God’s doing. From where else could such good come? We may be tempted to chalk it up to the power of the human spirit or the marvels of modern medicine, but those are means of the grace not its source. Graces of strength and ingenuity bring about good despite sin’s powerful ability to twist and use for ill anything it can (and those things have certainly been instruments of evil many times over). But here they are used for the tremendous good of life and healing. It is out of a conviction that God holds the world together and continues to shed “common grace” on all humanity out of the love God has for his creation that we can affirm the Kingdom is at work in this situation. And hopefully, this man will someday have his joy made complete by coming to know this healing and merciful God.

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