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August 23rd, 2003 by isaac · No Comments

Now begins my seminary experience here at Duke Divinity School>.

I am excited to start classes again after a year hiatus. From the amazing menu of delicious courses about the Bible and theology, I chose four that I am quite excited about: “Introduction to Old Testament Interpretation” with Ellen Davis>, “Ancient and Medieval Christianity” with Warren Smith>, “Faith and Freedom” with Curtis Freeman>, and “Doctrine of Creation” with Willie Jennings>.

Not only do I have amazing courses and books ahead of me, I have a wonderful living/ministry situation. I am living in a four-bedroom house with two roommates just a mile from Duke campus. We chose this neighborhood because it is a poor area of town. Right now our main ministry is hospitality. We have community meals every Saturday night where we invite neighbors to join us at the table for food and fellowship. We hope that our house will be a blessing to those who don’t have much to eat, and that God will use us in racial reconciliation. We are also talking with Walltown Ministries> here in Durham about having needy persons live with us as they transition to living on their own.

Please pray that we will be a blessing in this neighborhood and that God will provide ways where we can show the Kingdom of God to those around us.

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