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Entries from August 2003

frying pan Friday

August 1st, 2003 by Jason · Comments Off on frying pan Friday

That’s what Nance and I call our Fridays. I’m not sure how we got the term, but there it is (along with “wiggedy wack Wednesdays”). Not a whole lot of “productive” work went on today, but we did get a webcam set up for work! It’s not like it’s that interesting at work, but as […]

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Tags: life

The nuances of JOIN

August 1st, 2003 by Jason · Comments Off on The nuances of JOIN

Gerg and I were banging our heads one day because our application had become extremely slow. We had added a bunch of test data (100,000+ rows) and now our list page was taking 30 seconds to load. So we began trying to re-formulate our query in all the possible ways to find out what part […]

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Tags: technology