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ronnie and stanley

October 6th, 2003 by isaac · No Comments

Time for an update about my life here in Durham. We came up with a name for our house of hospitality, Rutba House (see here for the story behind the name). Two members have recently been added: Ronnie and Stanley.

Ronnie moved into our back room that we had set aside for transitional housing. Leah met Ronnie at Walltown Neighborhood Ministries. He needed a place to stay while he is trying to find a job so Leah told him to move in. Ronnie is quite the local, born and raised in Durham. The man knows everything about this city; he is a wonder with directions. Right now he is working for a temp agency while dropping off job applications anywhere and everywhere. Things have not been too hopeful. The job market is terrible here. The economy has been in decline ever since the tobacco business started having trouble.

Stanley is the newest member of our community. He is a dog, a Golden Retriever. Leah found him also. He was chained to a shopping cart in a carport, living in trash and his own refuse. The owner was is poor health and didn’t have much money so he was unable to care for Stanley. Leah offered a place at the Rutba house and now we have Stanley. He is a fat dog, 115 pounds. He is suffering from a disgusting yeast infection in his ear. It is nasty. We have to clean out both ears and put this eardrop stuff down into his black, yeasty ear canals. This is a difficult job considering Stanley doesn’t like to cooperate. Did I mention he weighs more than most 12 year olds?

As far as school goes, I would have to say my favorite class so far is “Doctrine of Creation” with Willie Jennings. It is amazing! I can’t begin to explain all the things we have been thinking about, but I can give you a quote from class: “It is dangerous to speculate about the ‘God/world’ relationship without Israel. The point is not to theorize how God relates to the world; the point is to enter into the pattern of life that displays how God is relating to the world, that is through Israel, through Jesus Christ….The ‘God/world’ relationship must be articulated by a particular historical relationship….If we could see our beginnings we would see the nothingness. Our beginnings must be given to us. If our beginning is not given to us, then we are left with confusion and distortion, the abyss of nothingness.’ It is Jesus Christ who invites us, Gentiles, into the people of God. Through the Messiah of Israel we are brought into the Israel of God. How this God of ours relates to the world is not known through speculation, but through the concrete, historic relationship recorded in Scripture.

Enough of that.

Most importantly, Katie is doing well in France. She is renting a room from a woman who has a son and two daughters. It was quite an ordeal for her to find a place to live. Needless to say, she is very happy with her living situation. She found a French church that she loves. Classes started last week and it sounds like she is enjoying life. Hearing he stories about the city and the people she has met makes me a bit jealous. Durham is no comparison to Paris. I have to say, it is much harder being away from her than I imagined. But there is a glimmer of hope. I will be traveling to Paris this coming Friday and staying for a week! I am excited about this trip. My only problem is I might not want to come back. If any of you have been to France and have any favorite places I must see, please let me know.

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