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October 26th, 2003 by Jason · No Comments

Havne’t posted in a while, but Isaac has done his job well of reminding me that not dropping of the face of the blog planet was one of the commitments we made when he left! Neither of us feel legalistic about it (I think), but I definitely need his prompting to keep up correspondence with long-distance friends 😉

Lots has been going on lately. I’ve started my classes down at Fuller Seminary. I’m in my second (of probably 5) years as a part time student. I take one class up in Santa Barbara and commute down once a week for a Pasadena class. This semester I’m taking Hebrew from Dr. Nelson (a Westmont Prof.). It’s my first Biblical language, since I avoided them like the plague when I was in college. However, it’s been far better than I expected. I’m finding it’s a lot like programming. You figure out the building blocks of the language (the syntax), and then you build words and sentences using rules. This analytical side to languages has surprised me and I definitely enjoy the “puzzle solving.” The other class is New Testament 2 (Acts – Revelation) with Dr. Matson. The class is great. Partly because this is my first extensive course on the second half of the New Testament and partly because Dr. Matson is a preacher and it comes through in his teaching. It’s great to have a professor who gets as excited about text-critical issues as the Sunday sermon.

At home. Nance and I have been apart more than usual :( A couple of weeks ago I went on a backpacking trip up to the Sierras, just north of the Yosemite basin. About 15 other guys from the church went and we had a blast. Lots of hiking, a couple of scrambles to the top of Volgelsang and Fletcher peaks, beautiful views, ice-cold mountain baths in the lakes, and many good conversations made the trip a refreshing one. It was good to be with so many guys and feel like I “fit in.” You can see more pictures from the trip
here me with my 10 year old pack on

This last weekend I headed up to San Jose for my first conference. It was about PHP, the language in which I program. It was a bit disallusioning. I discovered I’m much more at home in the church than I am at a gathering of people who do the same type of work as me (a good thing to learn, but it definitely made me question how well I fit into the “open source community” that I had a sort of naive optimism about).

Nance just got back from coaching her gymnastics team in Bakersfield so we should be done with our travels for a while! I have lots of ideas for blogs, just have to find the time (what else is new 😉

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