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power point fluff

March 25th, 2004 by Jason · No Comments

I have been spared power point fluff for the most part during my life. In college I only had a few teachers who used it (and it was mildly helpful in those classes since the teacher talked a mile a minute). However, having experienced several corporate power point presentations now, I can understand why so many people duck their heads and run for cover when the meeting is opened by someone with a power point clicker. I read up about what can be done about PP nastiness here and here . Both of the authors conclude that the cheesy templates, clip art, low-information graphs, hierarchical bullet points, and auto-content (what an oximoron) have to go if PP is to be at all salvaged. Basically, their reasons are that the level of information transmitted is absurdly low, the format forces every aspect of the talk into short little market-slogans, and the listeners listening abilities slowly slip to nill as slide after repetitive slide flashes on the screen.

Their solution? For lectures and meetings use PP as a way to complement auditory information with a visual component. Use good images (not cheesy clip art) from stock photography sites like this , this , and this . I gave it a try for a PP presentation a group of us had to give in my multi-culturalism class. I’m obviously biased, but I think it went pretty well ;). Now, if only my company’s suits would read the articles…

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