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noobie web programming

April 9th, 2004 by Jason · No Comments

A good high scool friend, anthony , asked what would be the best way to get his feet wet in the web programming arena. I’ve been asked a couple times, so here’s my little “intro” guide:

  • First get vim It’s a programmers editor, and will allow you to actually code your new program with some amount of efficiency and speed. Get your feet wet by walking through the vim tutorial
  • Next install the following on your computer (all of which are open source and free): mysql , php , apache , putty Having all these on your machine allows you to turn your desktop into a min-webserver, and thus allow you to work even when you aren’t connected to the internet.
  • Now it’s time to learn some things! Start out with html (I like this tutorial because he teaches you right the first time by giving you modern, standards-compliant, css-based, html. Not the crappy netscape 4 html that most tutorials dish out.)
  • Next move on to making a dynamic web page that does something. Download the docs because they are a great reference to have at hand. Then chew on chapter 2 of the manual, a very basic tutorial
  • Now it’s time to learn how to process data and save it by storing it in a database. This is a fairly decent tutorial for learning how to use mysql within a PHP page. But don’t forget the mysql manual which is also a great resource.
  • By now you should be well on your way to having some sort of web program running. What’s left? Well, learning a bit of object oriented programming is a good way to move past noob status, as well as learning to use some of the PEAR packages out there (PEAR is a collection of hiqh-quality code that takes a lot of the work out of many common tasks, such as building forms (HTML_QuickForm ) and database abstraction (DB )

Happy coding!

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