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Entries from April 2004

ministering to jovenes

April 20th, 2004 by Jason · No Comments

Finally getting around to posting my term paper for my multiculturalism class last semester. It is my attempt to distill all the great resources out there for ministering to Latino youth and how it might be worked out for Kids Club, a ministry in which I’m involved in my neighborhood. Read it here

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the sweet breath of Jesus

April 19th, 2004 by isaac · 1 Comment

I preached at my church yesterday. I though I would post the transcript of my sermon. I preached on the assigned Gospel text from the lectionary: John 20:19-31. At my church, after the sermon we discuss together what we thought about it and what God may be saying in our midst. I included some of […]

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April 11th, 2004 by isaac · Comments Off on violence

Drew and I have this conversation going on about Christianity and violence. It is proving very helpful as I am trying to understand how we as Christians are supposed to understand violence during this “already but not yet” time when we confess that “Christ is Lord” and wait for Him to return and bring his […]

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noobie web programming

April 9th, 2004 by Jason · Comments Off on noobie web programming

A good high scool friend, anthony , asked what would be the best way to get his feet wet in the web programming arena. I’ve been asked a couple times, so here’s my little “intro” guide:

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nicea, part I

April 4th, 2004 by isaac · No Comments

Evangelical Christiantiy still struggles under the weight of the Enlightenment. We bought into the Modernist framework of what constitutes “truth” and still live under its lordship. In this model we have developed an understanding of doctrine that is dis-embodied and de-historicized. We must rage against an emaciated understanding of “belief” where “faith” merely refers to […]

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