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Virgin is Hip

September 7th, 2005 by Jason · No Comments

We have safely arrived in Rome, but instead of blogging about all the touristy stuff you have probably heard before, I am going to blog about what is truly important: the airline we flew over here. Virgin Atlantic, which is what we flew from LAX to London, boils down to one word: hip. And hip makes flying fun. To begin they have a purple neon glow lighting up the first class bar when you enter the plane. Then there is the very cool fact that every seat (including us economy bums) has a personal tv, with not just 12 movies, but also 5 tv stations, and a host of old-school games to wile the hours away. The food is like most other airline food, mediocre, but you do not worry about that since the alcohol is free. Free stuff adds to their coolness since everyone gets a nifty neon case with a toothbrush, eye cover thingys to keep you in the dark, and earplugs. They even have their own charity they ask you to give to at the end of the flight (in case you are feeling guilty for taking such a posh flight? ). And, finally, the kicker: an entertaining and downright funny safety video. It is 2 -D animated and has all sort of goofy hipsters showing you how to have a safe flight. So, yeah, Virgin = hip, postmodern flying. And Rome is really fun too 😉

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