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An Update and a Quote

September 11th, 2005 by Jason · 1 Comment

We are happily tramping our way up Italy. The first few days were spent in Rome. We saw the usual, but one of our favorite stops were the Catacombs. I was suspicious of all the claims for “this is St. Peter’s chains” or “Paul’s dungeon”. But in the Catacombs there is no denying that the 1500 year old bones you can see entombed in an old coffin decorated with an image of Jesus as shepherd is the resting place of one of the faithful from long long ago. Also, the frescoes of Jesus as shepherd, doing the eucharist, etc. down there is inspiring. All this art, tucked away with the hundreds of thousdands of dead 100 feet below the earth.

Now we are in Cortona, which is a town older than Rome which hangs onto the edge of a hill by the skin of its teeth. Fun winding roads, old men hanging out on the benches for the evening hours, beautiful vistas. You can see some of the pics over at the photo blip.

Isaac insisted I blog on the book he gave me God is a New Language by Dom Sebastian Moore. I don’t have the time now. But I do have a quote that got me good while I was up reading late last night (I don’t remember jet lag taking so long to wear off from when I was a kid…guess I’m getting old).

The Christian faith seems to be asking men, conscious fo falling apart, to pull themselves together again and, thus reassembled, to reopen communications with the Sovereign. Which is a strange message to hear from a faith whose whole substance is death and resurrection and divine grace (pg. 51).

That strikes me as dead on. All my life I’ve thought that the faith thing is all about me trying to get into contact with God, pull myself up to God by doing “quiet times,” reading Scripture, going to church, etc., etc. But just now I’m realizing how inept I am at getting close to God on any of my own energies. Rather, I realize that all that much of what can be done is to wait on God, not by myself, but with friends and community. To wait for a kind of death or dissolution to happen so that God can remake and resurrect. What that looks like, I don’t know, but it seems more in keeping with the pattern of Jesus.

All for now, it’s siesta time. :)

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