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The Cinque Terre – The Inside Scoop

September 13th, 2005 by Jason · No Comments

So the last post about our trip seems a bit blaise and touristy after second reading. Not that that’s bad, but if you wanted to read a travel book you would have bought one by now. So here are some more unique highlights from our trip that you won’t find in your average Rick Steve’s travel book:

  • We had the sh*tt*est dinner tonight of the whole trip (yes, it does qualify for that choice explicative), and it was expensive! doh. Gotta to stick to ol’ ricky steveo’s recommendations
  • poor nonce’s stomach is still on the blitz. But she did have a massage today. And got her energy levitated by the new agey masoose.
  • We are in our best room yet! We have only seen two millipeedes in our bed, and it has real rock barnacles for decoration in the bano! And it must be twice the size of our closet. Oh, and the shower is outside for fresh air bathing. And it’s cheap, hot dang!
  • I ventured into 21st century cutting-edge-of-european-fashion world today with my first purchase of man-pris (capri pants to the uninitiated). Promptly lost them after 15 minutes though. Doh!

But other than that, the cinque terre is a beautiful place. Just check out the photos on the photo blip for evidence.

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