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Adventures in Budapest

September 21st, 2005 by Jason · No Comments

After wandering through the Italian Alps in Kastelruth (which felt more like Austria than Italy since everyone spoke German and we ate strudel every night for desert) we made it to Budapest. So time for a few quick highlights.

  • Getting here was one heck of an adventure. The trains had been running fine, even great, for our travels in Italy. Until we actually needed them to be ontime, that is. Our connection train was a .5 hour late, which meant we missed our connection to Budapest (for which we had already paid a cool 300 and spent .5 a day obtaining). So we started to fret, and text message. After 10 text messages to friends in the states we made an emergency call to the U.S. to see if we could get a flight to Budapest the next day. No luck. But Nance noticed that if we got to Vienna we could get to Budapest easier. Wouldn’t you know just as we stepped off the train in Venice there was a train adjacent to us going to Vienna. We had 30 seconds to decide. I hate breaking rules, and dreaded the thought of explaining to the conductor why we had tickets to Budapest instead of Vienna (playing the dumb traveler who got on the wrong train didn’t seem too plausible). But we took Sarah and Stace’s advice that What the hell is always the right answer in such a situation. And it all worked out. We didn’t get a couchette, but we also didn’t get kicked off which seems like a good trade off. And more important we got to Budapest (and only an hour later than our original schedule to boot!)
  • The best thing about Budapest is the thermal baths (and the paprika of course). We’ve gone every day and I’m near addicted to the menthol sauna. I’m also thinking of taking up chess since the old men who play for hours in the pools look so cool.
  • I think Budapest’s subtitle should be PDA (public display of affection) Captial. We’ve seen more couple making out (of all ages, I might add) than anywhere. It’s probably all the minerals in the baths.
  • We got to meet Otzi, a 5000 year old ice man from the Alps. A little creepy seeing his 5 foot, brown, very bony body lying in the super-freezer behind bullet proof glass. I thought the experience was as close to seeing aliens in Area 52 as I’ll ever get. Actually, come to think of it, Otzi is probably where National Enquirer gets a lot of its pictures.

All for now, off to London tomorrow.

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