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World Cup Final: Why I’m in it for the French

July 7th, 2006 by Jason · 1 Comment

Seeing as how Isaac and I are both big into the World Cup it just wouldn’t be right if this whole thing passed without a brief post. No theology (though feel free to turn the comments that way, as always), just a rundown on why I’m rooting for France.

First off, there’s no denying it’s a tough call in deciding between Italy and France. I lived in Italy for four years and more important they look good (have you ever seen a team with more guys that look like they just stepped out of an Armani ad?).

Nonetheless, here’s why France won me over (most of which I shamelessly admit have more to do with coolness than their actual gameplay):

  • At the top of the list is the fact that I’m a sucker for the underdog. The French weren’t even slated to do well by their own country! They were said to be too old and too slow. As one commentator advised: “Buy a bumper-pack of souvenir World Cup cushions, spread them carefully along the bench and order Patrick Vieira, Lilian Thuram, Zinedine Zidane and David Trezeguet to park their jaded hides on them for the next 30 days or so.” Plus, in the World Cup 2002 the French team failed to even score a goal in qualifying and went home very early. Ouch. But! They’ve come out and wowed everybody, even shutting down powerhouse Brazil.
  • Next you have Zidane, one of the best oldies out there. He had already hung up his boots from the game when he was visited by an apparition one night who convinced him to return (so does that make this whole thing predestined? Or is God taking sides now?). Anyhow, he’s now leading the team to victory.
  • Then you have Ribery the energizer-bunny-who-just-won’t-quit. He wasn’t even on the starting lineup, he was just a chump extra (in fact, in the World Cup magazine that showed the players for each team he didn’t even get a mugshot, just a line at the bottom of the page saying he was an extra on the squad). But he got in as a sub in a game at the beginning and he’s been one of the fastest spark plugs out there every game since. And he has a rad scar on his face.
  • Of course there’s also Henry, France’s lead striker, who’s as elegant as a ballerina (except when he’s running offsides). Plus, his name is pronounced Awn-ree. Can you get any cooler?

So there it is—my petition to put on your beret for Les Blues!

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  • 1 isaac // Jul 9, 2006 at 9:52 am

    I think I’ll go with Jason on this one: France is my team. But not for the same reasons. First, and most important, I’ll cheer for France simply because Johnny Depp has chosen to call France his home. That’s most important. And, secondly, it’s a pleasure to watch Zidane—and he’s Algerian. France’s best soccer player is a foreigner. Maybe that should be a lesson to American soccer, and Americans in general when they think through immigration issues. The US needs more foreigners in order to compete. But I think it’s clear that the United States doesn’t care too much about the most popular sport in the world.