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Letter to the Political Evangelist

November 7th, 2006 by Jason · No Comments

Dear Friendly-political-evangelist-lady-who-came-knocking-on-our-door-this-afternoon-encouraging-us-to-get-out-and-vote,

First off thanks for caring enough about the country and the whole democratic process to go knocking on doors in the rain encouraging people to vote. Here’s some pointers that may improve your chance for success:

  1. Please don’t assume I vote like you or that I vote along a party line. Phrases like “the party has approved all these measures so you can vote for them!” and “so-and-so is a right wing republican so they must be defeated” are not particularly convincing. Even better, after you’ve encouraged me to vote, ask me if I’m interested in hearing your take on what/who I should vote for.

  2. Along those lines telling me what to vote for is a certain recipe for failure. Not only does it undermine the whole idea of a democracy “for the people, by the people” you’re working so hard to encourage, but it also insults the fact that I really could make a decision for myself if you just gave me the chance.

  3. If I mention I’m new to the neighborhood don’t just give a hurried “that’sgreat, doyouknowwhereyourvotingpollis?” If democracy is about power in the hands of the people then tell me a little about yourself, when the neighborhood barbecues are, and in what ways I can get involved right here in these thirty square blocks in which we spend so much of our time.

I know it’s a big day and I really do appreciate the fact that you believe in it all strongly enough to put yourself out there. But give those ideas a chance and you may find yourself making more headway next time you come knocking.

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