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Weekly Prayer #6

January 15th, 2007 by Jason · No Comments

I had a couple of other prayers in mind for today, but then I came across this one this morning and it seemed especially fitting for today, Martin Luther King Jr. day. I’ve thought about racism from the perspective of Ephesians 2:14-16 or Revelation 21:24-26, but this prayer makes the point that just looking at the variety of those Jesus blessed provides impetus for abolishing racism.

who hast made all men in thy likeness
and lovest all whom thou hast made
suffer not our family to separate itself from thee
by holding barriers of race and colour.
As thy Son our Saviour was born of a Hebrew mother, but
rejoiced in the faith of a Syrian woman and of a Roman
soldier, welcomed the Greeks who sought him,
and suffered a man from Affica to carry his cross,
so teach us to regard the members of all races as
fellow-heirs of the kingdom of Jesus Chris our Lord.
—Toc H

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