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Theology Lectures on the Super-Info Highway

June 12th, 2007 by Jason · 1 Comment

A few months ago I somehow overcame my aversion to running and started jogging a few times a week. Since I listen to music pretty much constantly during the day while working I’m not that interested in listening to more music while running so I’ve taken to listening to theology lectures/discussions while running. It works well—the pain of huffing and puffing myself into shape is more easily ignored and I get my “seminary fix” that I’ve been craving since graduating. Anyhow, for those interested here are some tips on finding lectures online:

  • My initial findings were done by googling a theologian’s name plus “mp3,” so googling “jurgen moltmann mp3” turns up some interesting results. Using this method I’ve found an interesting set of lectures on eschatology by Moltamann, a great sermon/talk by Marva Dawn on creation, and a series of lectures by N.T. Wright.

  • I’ve also hunted around for weekly theology-related podcasts. So far the only one I’ve found is Speaking of Faith which is usually excellent. My favorites so far: New Monastics with Shane Claiborne, Eastern Orthodoxy and Gardening with Vigen Guroian, and The Ecstatic Faith of Rumi.

  • The above methods are decent, but they can be time-consuming and hit-and-miss in terms of quality. But just a couple weeks ago a whole new method arose when Apple released iTunesU which has hundreds of lectures for download for free by a growing number of universities. So far I’ve found a number of interesting lectures by Randy Maddox under Seattle Pacific University, Duke Divinity School has some lectures up, Concordia Seminary has whole classes posted, and the list could go on. You can even search iTunes for a certain theologian now and it will search iTunesU in addition to the usual catalog of songs. The number of schools seems to be increasing daily, but there are still schools who have iTunesU sites, but which are not yet listed (i.e. Fuller iTunesU).

With all of those resources I shouldn’t have trouble keeping to my exercise schedule! And if you’ve come across good lectures/discussions/sermons feel free to post them in the comments.

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