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February 10th, 2009 by Jason · No Comments

My wife pointed out to Isaac and I the other day that despite all our high-falutin’ theology posts, the most commented on post is Isaac’s post from a few years back on how he makes kick-ass refried beans.  In her words, a post on “Mennonite Martinis” would appear to be more relevant than most of what we come up with.

Well, Isaac and I both do like to cook, so in that realm of topics, my favorite new food site is the Super Natural Recipe Search.  I’ve recently started to use Epicurious as my go-to site for recipes as their recipes are supposedly engineered by people who actually know what they’re doing.  However, my favorite recipes come from the many good food blogs out there because they not only have the author’s tweaks to the recipe and picutres, they also have that all important element that no recipe site has: backstory.  I really like knowing the whole process of what went into the working out of a recipe, how it really turned out for them, or how they ate the dozen uber-buttery cookies in a single sitting.  The super food search appears to be just that, a search engine that queries high quality food blogs with healthy recipes.  Now my new obsession with brussel sprouts has fifty new outlets!

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