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November 16th, 2009 by isaac · No Comments

Yesterday I preached about how Christians are people who are homemakers with God. We make a home for God’s love to dwell. If you want to read the sermon, follow this link to the church website: At home. Below is an excerpt from the middle of the sermon:

War in the name of peace—it’s the oldest play in the Messianic game book. Once we kill these people, then peace will rain down from heaven—these violent acts will be the apocalyptic event that shatters the power of evil, and peace will finally come. The birth pains will be over. We will finally establish a just and fair political order—not just for us, but for them…because, after all, we are compassionate killers, benevolent imperialists, democratic colonialists. But we need one last push to make this happen, one last battle, one more murder, one more building to destroy, a strategic target to wipe out, or one more troop surge. Then the end will come.

No, Jesus says. All of this, the rubble from the buildings, from the temple, from the towers, all of the wars and rumors of wars—this is just the beginning. “This is but the beginning of the birth pains,” Jesus says. Despite all the promises, the sword will not bring the final solution—just another cycle of violence, another reason for revenge.

And Jesus says, “Beware that no one leads you astray. Many will…say ‘I am he!’” Christians are people who are skeptical of leaders who promise the end, the consummation, the solution to all our problems.

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