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Christ our King

November 23rd, 2009 by isaac · No Comments

Yesterday I preached a sermon on Christ’s kingship. Here’s a passage from the middle of it:

Jesus is not a king of this world, a king whose power comes from the sword, a king who acts as commander and chief of the armed forces. Those kinds of kings don’t really care about the truth, especially when it’s inconvenient. When you have the power of the sword, truth is usually a matter of pragmatics, of expedience. Truth is the first victim of power. When you have the power, and have to worry about your rivals, all truth becomes tactical truth—what you can say and to whom you can say it, what facts you can use against your enemies and what you have to keep from going public. And when you have a gun, inconvenient truth can be killed, disappeared, hidden from public scrutiny.

And that’s what happens to Jesus. He testifies to truth that Pilate can’t control, and Pilate has to get rid of the truth—for the sake of his own power.

For the entire sermon, follow this link to my church website: Christ our King.

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