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Entries from January 2010

The weakest member

January 24th, 2010 by isaac · No Comments

This past Sunday I preached on Paul’s stuff on human genitalia in I Cor. 12:22. Here’s an excerpt: Paul uses human anatomy to make a basic point about the corporate body of the church. Every part is necessary; without eyes or feet, the body cannot function as it is created to function. Every part, every […]

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a material Spirit

January 13th, 2010 by isaac · 2 Comments

Well, for what it’s worth, I preached my first sermon of 2010. It’s a meditation on two letters I received on the same day—one from a dude who wanted me to give him money so he can make my prayers come true, and another from a family who used to worship at our church. Here’s […]

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The other MLK

January 11th, 2010 by isaac · No Comments

To celebrate MLK Day next week, I wrote a short piece on Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Mennonite Weekly Review. It highlights the King that won’t be remembered on his day. Here’s an excerpt: Most of us don’t want to remember what King didn’t want us to forget: that the racial violence that birthed […]

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