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Worship in el Pueblo de Dios

June 22nd, 2010 by isaac · No Comments

About a month ago I had the opportunity to spend a week with an Hispanic Mennonite congregation in Dallas, Texas. I wrote up a short piece about my experience. Here’s an excerpt:

The Bible study before the Sunday morning worship service of Iglesia Menonita Luz del Evangelio turns into a passionate sermon.

A discussion of the story of Esther becomes a call to live as the pueblo de Dios amid forces that seek to destroy the church.

Haman, the villain in Esther’s story, becomes a name for political leaders and immigration enforcement agents who sever the body of Christ by taking away “los hermanos y hermanas del pueblo que no tienen papeles” — brothers and sisters who are undocumented residents.

But, like the Jews in the story of Esther, tenemos que orar — we need to pray because some demons require prayer and fasting. Yet no matter what happens, the pueblo of God can have faith. “Porque tenemos un abogado en el cielo, a la diestra del Padre” — we trust in Jesus Christ, our heavenly immigration attorney, arguing on our behalf, defending our citizenship in the pueblo of God.

Among the various metaphors for describing the saving work of Jesus, we now have another: our Lord the immigration attorney, “el Abogado en el cielo.”

For the rest of the column, follow this link to the Mennonite Weekly Review website: Worship with God’s pueblo

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