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Hope that is in you

June 1st, 2011 by isaac · No Comments

A sermon from last Sunday on hope, 9/11, nonviolence, and church membership.

As I considered giving up on the Christianity of the people around me, someone told me about Mennonites and the Anabaptist version of Christianity. These stories saved my faith. I heard about a way of being Christian that took Jesus seriously—that took seriously all of Jesus’ teachings, including his nonviolence in the face of death. I realized that I could continue to call myself a Christian, as long as I was part of a church and a tradition that considered Jesus’ nonviolence as essential to the Christian faith, a non-negotiable. I was convinced that nonviolence is what hope looks like in our world. Because to ask for someone’s death would be to give up on the power of God’s forgiveness. To kill someone would be to disbelieve in the transformation of God’s grace. Violence is a refusal to hope for the impossible, for a miracle, a refusal to hope for resurrection. In a society that celebrates the death of enemies, our faith in Jesus’ way of nonviolence is an act of hope—hope in the miraculous power of God’s redemption, that the One who raised Jesus from the dead can also lead evil people to repentance and new life.

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