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She is not a man, nor is He a woman

October 12th, 2011 by isaac · No Comments

Our church is doing a series on God and gender. I kicked it off with a sermon about sexism. Here’s a passage:

Like I said before, all of this should make us realize that it has always been difficult to talk about God, to represent God with our words, with pronouns, because She is not a man, nor is He a woman — we stumble over our words. We are at a loss to find the perfect language to represent God. But this loss, this hesitancy, is part of the good news, because it leads us into new forms of expression, new ways to communicate what God is like, ways that involve our whole lives, not just our words, but all that we are, which brings us back again to sexism, to the ways that the church, through the ages, has restricted who has been allowed to represent God, to name God, to display God’s life.

Church — congregational life, our lives together as God’s people — is how we spell out the name of God, the reality of God. So, gender matters in who we commission to preach, who we authorize to serve Communion, to pray and read the Bible for us, and, who we think should care for our kids in the nursery. That men and women do all of these things in our church has everything to do with how we communicate the reality of God. It’s not just about pronouns, about whether we call God she or he; it’s more than that. It’s about how we let men and women represent God’s care for us in the nursery, and it’s about how we let women and men speak, how men and women embody, gender and all, the Word of God from the pulpit. Through us, God becomes gendered as God reaches through our gendered lives.


For the whole sermon, follow this link: She is not a man…


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