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From Emergent to Mennonite

October 30th, 2011 by isaac · 3 Comments

I wrote a reflection on worship experiences with an emergent church and with a Mennonite church. Here’s how the article starts:

Emergence of the Word

I knew it was the right place because the sound of the bass made the sidewalk tremble. The electronica house music beckoned me through the doors. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see a large room with what looked to be a dance floor and a single bar stool at the center. The music faded out and a band, hidden in the shadows, started to play. On the large screen above them pictures and video clips danced with the ambient music. I joined the others assembled for worship as we found our seats around the dance floor. Soon a barefoot man walked into the middle of the crowd and picked up a microphone that was lying on the table. The band continued to play, but now in a hushed whisper. “As the band plays,” the man said, “you are invited to wander around the room to the three stations for spiritual practices.”

The music picked back up and the man withdrew from the floor. Some people stayed in their chairs, eyes closed, bobbing their heads to the music. Others walked around the room, visiting the stations. In one corner white candles surrounded a few images of Jesus and saints. In another corner people were writing thoughts on the walls or in notebooks on the ground, and some were painting on large canvases. The last corner had a few tables with loaves of bread and bottles of wine. People tore chunks from the loaves and poured wine into paper cups. Free wine seemed like a good idea, so I poured myself a generous cup and went back to my seat.


If you are interested in reading the rest of it, visit The Other Journal: Forms and Flows of the Word.


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  • 1 megan // Nov 3, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Isaac, this is beautiful. Stunning, in fact. The enfleshed priesthood of all. Yes. Thank you for your generosity in sharing one of your particular gifts: acute observation and beautiful articulation working in concert.

  • 2 isaac // Nov 7, 2011 at 4:34 am

    Thanks Megan. You are too kind.

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