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an apocalyptic advent

November 29th, 2011 by isaac · No Comments

The first Sunday of Advent always shocks me out of the Christmas season. My sermon this past Sunday turned toward the apocalyptic.


In Oakland, Calif., I bet the moon and stars were darkened with clouds of tear gas as nonviolent protestors faced the terror of paramilitary police in the streets. For people in cities across the U.S., the sun turns to blood as they recover from the violence of pepper spray burning their eyes.

The people in the streets are an apocalyptic announcement that this country, that this world, can’t go on in the same way — that, to use the language of Jesus, the powers will be shaken (Mark 13:25). Or, if it does go on, if nothing changes, if the current power and economic arrangement does go on and is able to crush the poor, then the protestors will be back, perhaps after a long silence. But they will return with an apocalyptic announcement that unveils the violence and greed of this system, an announcement that calls for the end of the current state of affairs.

The first Sunday of Advent shocks us into awareness; it wakes us up and invites us to consider all the ways Jesus is wrapped up in the cries for a new world, for all things to be reborn, created anew, restored.


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